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Let me ask you 2 questions:

  1. Do you know what an SEO freelancer is?
  2. Do you know his role and his missions?

And yes, right off the bat, just like that.

Joking aside, I know that some companies are looking for an SEO freelancer to position their site on profitable keywords, but how many know in detail its missions and its role?

So, are you ready for a little clarification?

Table des matières

Who is the "SEO freelancer" ?

We often hear the term “freelancer”. But few people really know what a Freelance is, even fewer know what an SEO freelancer really represents.

Because knowing that this type of Freelance will work on the Google visibility of your site is good, but knowing what he will do for you in detail is better.

First, unlike an agency that employs many people, the Freelance is alone, but this is not necessarily a bad thing.

To do his job, this person must have knowledge and experience in the field of SEO, because only his competence will allow him to develop his business!

In addition to that, he must have ethics and know-how.

Basically, everything a person needs to be truly professional, on his own account.

But before saying more about the roles and missions of the SEO Freelancer, let me make a small reminder on the objectives of SEO.

Reminder on the Objectives of SEO :

First of all, I propose to talk a little about optimization.

Yes, let’s do a little reminder of what SEO is and its objectives.

Attention, this little reminder is not there to say that you do not know what it is, it is just there so that you can remember in the long term.

In this wonderful world that is the Internet, we find a lot of jargon and terms like Adwords, Backlinks, tags, algorithm and of course, SEO.

Let’s take a closer look at the latter also called “Natural SEO”.

What is SEO and what are its objectives?

The natural referencing or SEO (Search Engine Optimization), if I had to give a simplified definition, represents all the techniques to optimize a site for search engines.

The objectives of SEO are to make a site gain notoriety and popularity and to generate traffic, especially on Google.

All this by making sure that your site is placed in the first results of Google search, for the profitable keywords to your activity.

Not bad, right?

Basically, Google SEO is about improving a site from A to Z so that a site is where its future customers are looking for it.

In this field, you can either use an SEO freelancer or an SEO Agency. Both can help you, your choice will depend mainly on your budget.

Let’s study the most financially advantageous solution, that of the SEO freelancer!

What is an SEO freelancer ?

Now that you know what SEO is and what its objectives are, I suggest you see what an SEO freelancer is!

As its name suggests, the SEO freelancer is the person who does SEO and SEO Optimization by being self-employed.

By being his own boss, the SEO freelancer does not work for an agency or any organization, so he offers his own SEO Consultant rates.

But just like an agency, he applies the same techniques and processes to allow your site to be in pole position on Google.

I’m talking about Google because almost 90% of Internet users use Google to do their online searches, even though there are many other search engines.

It is clearly the person to call if you want to have a good visibility and qualified organic traffic for your site.

Please note, I am not saying that an agency cannot do a good SEO, I am only saying (as an Independent SEO), that in general, the competent Freelancer will be less expensive than an agency.

However, I recommend that you study both solutions before making your final decision!

Ps : Before going on, here is a quick presentation of my SEO profile, if you are looking for a provider.

The precise role of the independent SEO !

I guess you’ll agree with me if I tell you that having a website is nice, but if nobody looks at it, it’s not much use.

Well, it is! This is precisely where the SEO freelancer, also called SEO “consultant”, enters the game.

To summarize a little its roles and missions, the SEO freelancer has several hats: The Analyst, the Editor and the PR Manager.

The Analysis when he does his SEO Audits: He looks at the strengths and weaknesses of your site to better understand what needs to be done to reference it well. He improves what needs to be improved and changes what needs to be changed.

The Copywriter when he creates optimized content: He chooses the right keywords to put relevant content on the ground!

The PR Manager when he manages the Netlinking: He carefully selects sites that will talk about yours, making sure of the thematic agreement and the general quality of the latter. In one small magic trick, you become popular on the web!

In short, his role is to make sure that your site is at the top of the SEO level.

To accomplish his role effectively, he uses techniques and tools that will help propel your website into the top results of your favorite SERPs!

The specific skills of the SEO freelancer :

Like any self-respecting niche job, being an SEO Marketing Consultant requires solid skills.

Whether he is a beginner or experienced, the Google SEO freelancer must master certain subjects and have solid SEO skills.

According to me, the minimum for a SEO is to have skills in :

  • Web environment“: This is the base. You can’t do a job around the web, let alone Organic SEO, if you don’t know by heart the digital environment that surrounds us!
  • SEO Tools: I mean here all the tools that allow Freelancers and Agencies to offer good SEO services: Semrush, Ahrefs, Majestic, ect.
  • CMS: WordPress, Prestashop, Magento, etc.
  • Technical Bases: Metatitle, Metadescription, Hn, Canonicals, etc.
  • Autonomy: This is an essential skill and quality. And indeed, to call upon an SEO freelancer for his autonomy and his self-taught character is quite legitimate! Being a Freelancer is a state of mind.


These skills are for the most part the minimum required to be (and therefore choose) a good SEO today, but always keep in mind that the most important thing is the state of mind of the Freelancer.

So keep these points in mind when choosing the right SEO Consultant!

Because if these skills represent the minimum, the personality and the mentality of the SEO will forge or not win-win partnerships in the long term.

The 5 Missions of the SEO freelancer :

Now that you have in mind the advantages of working with an SEO freelancer, let’s get to the heart of the matter! Here are the 5 main missions of an SEO freelancer :

1. Audit your site

The SEO Audit of your website will be the first mission of an SEO freelancer if he deals with your website!

Indeed, it is in this part that the SEO makes a complete diagnosis of the website.

By consulting the site, the good consultant first analyzes its technical (code, tags and structure). Specialists in this field are called “Technical SEO Consultants”.

Then, he checks the editorial side of the site: the Semantic Optimization of the different business or strategic pages.

Finally, he looks more closely at the Netlinking aspect of the site: The number of Backlinks it has, the quality and relevance of these backlinks, the Optimization of Anchors, etc..

In short, the SEO Audit is to see the pluses and minuses of a site from a purely “Organic SEO” point of view.

2. Improve the authority of your site

Let’s stay on this “Linkbuilding” aspect: Your site needs authority to be well referenced on your strategic queries.

For the record, Google used to work mainly through its “PageRank”: It ranked the sites in its search results according to their number of Backlinks, and assigned PageRank scores to different sites based on this last criterion.

If today this score is no longer visible, Backlinks are still a mandatory ranking factor for our favorite search engine.

That’s why the right SEO freelancer will be able to set up and implement an effective Netlinking Campaign, allowing your site to surpass its competitors in authority!

To know how to choose your Netlinking Provider, click on the previous link!

3. Develop a cost-effective Editorial Strategy

The SEO freelancer’s mission is also to implement an Editorial Strategy or “Content Strategy”.

Basically, he deals with Content Marketing as a Web Marketing Agency would, but adds a “Semantic Optimization” dimension.

Here, his goal is to create, through content, a relationship with the user and the Google robot, so that the articles of the site are as beneficial from a UX point of view as from an SEO point of view.

In addition, he implements the Editorial Planning designed to perform in the long term.

Then, it’s just a matter of publishing great texts (but also videos, podcasts…)!

4. Write SEO-optimized texts

One of the missions of the SEO Consultant is also to take care of the “Content Writing” or “SEO Writing” part, some SEO pros even say that content is the number 1 ranking factor on Google!

It is sure: To be at the top in search engines and have a good reputation, a website must have good content! That is to say articles optimized for crawlers.

Here, it is not only about writing articles but also about creating semantically optimized content, while following the Editorial Strategy previously developed.

Why do this?

Firstly, a site present on the web with quality articles will be interesting to the Internet user.

Therefore, the site will generate a good recurrent traffic and, in addition, these quality contents will allow the loyalty of the customers and the audience.

Secondly, good semantic articles will make Google’s task easier, and after understanding what your pages are about, it will position them on the right queries.

Keep this in mind: “good texts give good results”.

5. Do SEO consulting !

In short, all these actions are part of a total management of the SEO of your site by the SEO, which is called “SEO Consultation”.

So, you need visibility? You want a professional to examine your site to see why it is not yet in the first page of Google?

Call an SEO Consultant. He can give your site a real boost, and over the long term.

It’s a fact, the SEO freelancer is above all a Consultant (and SEO Technician in some cases). Thus, one person is enough to make your site optimized for Google!

In addition to that, you will benefit from the advantages of outsourcing your SEO pole. Because if it can be optimized efficiently in-house, the natural referencing of a site sometimes requires specific expertise, which only an experienced SEO consultant can sometimes answer.

I’m not saying that doing all the SEO work internally is not efficient, it’s just that in some cases, internalizing this dimension is counterproductive (when you don’t select the right people).

That’s good: Helping you when you need a hand in Organic SEO is my job!

If ever, you can send me an e-mail.

The guide to SEO freelancer services :

How long does SEO freelancer coaching last?

As a general rule, you should know that an SEO support lasts at least 1 year, it is the period necessary to complete all the audits and optimizations, which leads to great results!

Note however that for some themes with little competition (local keywords for example), the first results can be visible after a few months, which is why it is interesting to find your SEO freelance as soon as possible.

What results can be achieved by using a SEO consultant?

What any good freelance consultant will be looking for on your site, will be good positions on your business keywords, bringing you qualified leads.

For many large companies, SEO has been a real turning point in the evolution of their turnover, and therefore in their overall growth.

How much does an SEO freelance service cost?

For 2 days worked per month on your website, we count an average of $1000, or $12000 per year. To be clear, this is a minimum price.

If we now take the example of this same service, to which we would add a linkbuilding campaign, 1500€ minimum will be necessary, that is to say 18000$ per year.

How does an SEO freelancer specialist work?

The freelance model offers many advantages for the end client for several reasons:

  • The freelancer works in a flexible way
  • He has his own SEO tools
  • He is often passionate about his field, and therefore more motivated
  • He is used to dealing with companies and understanding their priority needs

Summary of the SEO Consultant Missions :

  1. Audit your website
  2. Improve its autority
  3. Create an editorial strategy
  4. Write SEO-optimized texts
  5. Do SEO consulting stuffs ^^

The ethics and know-how of the SEO Freelancer :

Let’s talk about ethics and behaviour, because in my opinion these aspects are totally part of the work of an SEO Freelancer!

Being competent and mastering your subject is good, but what to do with this power? 🧙‍♂️

When you hire an SEO Consultant, you are not only calling on his skills and knowledge in SEO Campaigns, SEO techniques or Content Strategy.

You are also calling on a professional who has ethics and values as an expert in his field. And to be in the business, I can assure you that no two professionals work the same way.

Here are the “must have” qualities of a SEO freelance :

  • Professionalism: This is the basis. Like any job in this world, to be effective, you must be professional, do things properly. You obviously already know this, but it’s always good to be reminded.
  • Endless curiosity: Curiosity has never been a bad thing. And in the world of Free SEO, it’s a quality you must have at all costs. The web world is constantly changing, and if the Freelancer is not curious, how could he be able to know what works best at the moment?
  • Passion: A Freelance SEO must be passionate about his job because beyond being a breadwinner, SEO must, in my opinion, be a passion.
  • Patience: The SEO of a site always requires patience. The SEO work you do today will only bear fruit in a few months. But what’s great is that the results are also long term!
  • Communication: Yes, the Freelancer must be a person with a sense of communication. Simply because 30% of his job will consist in clearly explaining his missions and his role to his prospects and clients.
  • A strong analytical capacity, versatility, a logical mind and initiative: The basics to be effective in most SEO Services!


It’s good to hire someone with a lot of experience in a field, but it’s even better if the person in question is trustworthy and has interesting ethics and softskills.

Regarding ethics, as I said, each SEO freelancer has his own way of working. Without going into detail on the subject, I think that this question of ethics is important to ask when choosing your future provider!

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