How much does an SEO Audit cost? Prices and Rates

The SEO Audit is the basis of any search engine optimization.

(It also often represents a significant part of the total price of a custom SEO quote).

However, we can sometimes be a little confused about its price and the budget we can allocate.

Let me enlighten you!


Here are the main information of the post :

  • The price of an SEO audit can be a significant part of the overall quote.
  • A full SEO audit costs 2000$ on average
  • A full SEO audit includes a technical analysis, a content analysis and a netlinking analysis.
  • The duration of a comprehensive SEO audit can vary from 4 to 7 days, or even several weeks for large sites.
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What is a Search Engine Optimization Audit?

First of all: Let’s see in detail what an SEO Audit is!

The SEO Audit has for sole purpose to assess your website from different aspects, allowing to judge its current ability to rank on Google.

Naturally, the SEO Audit also allows us to create tailor-made recommendations, so that the site can be positioned in the best possible way in the search results.

Example of analysis:

Your site has 57 urls in 301 redirection in its internal mesh. This makes the Google crawler lose time, which may be compensated by spending less time on some strategic pages.

Example of recommendation:

Replace the links to these urls by links pointing to the final urls in code 200 (list of links to 301 in appendix).

Why get your website audited for SEO?

I could answer this question in one sentence:

“Because without SEO Audit, no custom SEO service can be performed”.

You will have understood, the SEO Audit is the basis of any SEO work on the long term.

How to fix a car when you don’t know what’s wrong with it?

When to Invest in a Search Engine Optimization Audit?

Generally, an SEO Audit will be performed at the beginning of an SEO service.

However, two specific cases exist:

  1. SEO Pre-audits: When an SEO provider writes a commercial proposal, he must always perform a pre-analysis of the site (often free) to focus his strategy.
  2. Technical Checks: After several weeks of service, it is always important to perform recurring analysis, especially from a technical point of view.


What you must remember is that the SEO Audit is always necessary at the beginning of the service, but I think I have repeated it enough 😅.

Who can give you a good SEO audit of your site?

In any case, an SEO Audit must be performed by someone competent, mastering the 3 aspects of SEO:

  1. Technical
  2. Content
  3. Netlinking


From there, different options are available to you:

  • Recruit a 100% SEO profile in-house
  • Call an SEO Agency
  • Work with an SEO Freelancer


The main issue here is to ensure the competence of the person you have in front of you.

To do this, do not hesitate to ask questions about his experience in general (missions performed, professional tools, etc.).

Are you looking for a qualified and affordable external service provider? Let’s get in touch!

What a Global SEO Audit Includes:

Before talking directly about prices and rates, you need to understand exactly what a Global SEO Audit is made of.

It’s quite simple, it aims to analyze 3 aspects of the site: Technical, Content and Linkbuilding.

1. The Technical Audit

The Technical Audit is done via specialized tools such as Screaming Frog and allows us to identify different technical improvement areas, among them :

  • Loading time
  • Core Web Vitals
  • Internal linking
  • Structured data


Here, the expression “Working on a sound basis” takes on its full meaning!

The recommendations and technical actions that will follow this Audit will allow to improve your site on these different aspects.

2. The Content Audit

Here, the goal will be to see how your site is currently optimizing its content for SEO.

Here are some of the elements analyzed during this Audit:

  • Structuring <hn> of the pages
  • Emphasis on semantics
  • Keyword weighting and semantic richness
  • Answers to search intents


The goal is to identify the best practices and actions to implement for your current and future pages!

3. The Linkbuilding Audit

As you probably know, Linkbuilding plays a key role in the PageRank of your website (one of the ranking factors of Google).

This dimension is therefore very important in our Google SEO Audit.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of points analyzed during this audit:

  • Backlinks and Referring Domains of the site
  • Authority of the site
  • Linkbuilding benchmark


The goal is, in the end, to formulate a clear and tailored Linkbuilding Strategy.

How long does a Global SEO Audit take?

La durée d'un Audit SEO

Overall, by treating the 3 aspects stated earlier, a global SEO Audit can take from 4 to 7 days depending on the site (number of urls, problems encountered, etc.).

Note here that on some large e-commerce sites, an audit of this type can even take up to several weeks of full time work!

What is the price for a complete SEO analysis?

As you can imagine, the cost of a global SEO Audit depends strongly on the rate charged by the SEO Consultant you choose.

Based on an average of 5 days of work and an average daily rate of 400$ per day, here is what we get:

Average rate of an SEO Audit: 2000$.

The different factors impacting the price of an SEO Audit :

As I mentioned above, the price of an SEO Audit obviously depends on several factors.

So let me enlighten you a little more on this subject, here are the different factors that directly affect the cost of your audit:

1. The size of your site

On average, a site of 100 000 urls will naturally not take the same time to be audited as a site of 50 urls: the number of template to analyze is often greater, the number of technical and editorial problems too.

The price of the SEO audit is therefore directly impacted by the size of the site in question (and therefore the number of days to devote to it).

2. The Experience and Notoriety of the Provider

If you are using the most famous SEO Freelancer in the world, chances are that the number of incoming requests has increased the daily rate to 4 digits per day.

More generally, the number of years of experience will directly impact the daily rate of the SEO Consultant.

3. The composition of the service

Any good consultant will audit your site according to the 3 aspects previously mentioned.

On the other hand, this does not mean that the work done will always be the same, far from it.

Let’s take the technical aspect for example: maybe an SEO Freelancer will not consider relevant the fact of analyzing the site’s internal mesh, while another will do it for each of his clients.

The time of the service being impacted by the analyzed elements, the cost of the service is also.

4. Tools used

As you can imagine, the cost of an SEO Audit, whether it is performed by an Agency or a Freelancer, also depends largely on the charges paid by the provider.

Here, the SEO tools used have their say, because some can cost several hundred euros per month to consultants.

Everything can be explained!

How to Pay for a Cheaper SEO Audit?

2000$ is not an easy amount to invest at once.

So, let me suggest 2 solutions allowing you to pay less at once:

  1. Pay for your Audit over several months: If you want to have the best type of Audit, nothing prevents you from asking for it to be carried out over several months! For example, the service provider could be satisfied with carrying out the Technical Audit during the first month, and so on.
  2. Pay for surface audits: For a first analysis, starting with a surface audit can be an excellent solution, it obviously costs less and will allow you to pinpoint the essential problems of your site.

Do I have to pay for several audits during the year?

The purpose of an SEO Audit is to serve as a basis for further support.

However, especially for the technical aspect, checks (Technical Checks) can be performed on a regular basis.

This way, you can monitor the appearance of new problems and the correct implementation of technical recommendations.

In short: How to estimate your budget for an SEO Audit?

  1. Estimate the number of pages of your site

  2. Predict the type of service provider you are looking for

  3. Plan the type of audit you want

  4. Spread out the payment if necessary

  5. Rely on the average price of 2000$.


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